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Discount Mart Private Limited (the "Company") is in the direct selling business and follows all direct selling laws, rules, and regulations as they are issued by the government. Customers receive the greatest services from the company, which is backed up by a high customer value. The corporation considers the interests of all customers and employees, and ensures that no unfair trade practises are used that might harm the consumer's interests.

This policy cover that area of operation where any direct seller of company engaged in unfair trade practices and do such acts as restrained by company under its de list direct seller policy. This policy also cover action taken by company against that direct seller.


The Consumer Protection (Direct Selling) Rules, 2021, Consumer Protection Act, 2019, Consumer Protection (E-Commerce) Rules, 2020


The purpose of this policy is to ensure that all applicable laws are obeyed, consumers' interests are protected, and direct sellers are prevented from engaging in any misconduct and appropriate action is taken against them.

Delisted direct seller Meaning: -

It contains those direct sellers whose direct selling licences have been stopped by the firm and whose names have been listed on the company's website, www.discountmart.in, due to the following reasons.:-

direct seller may be delisted by the company if a direct seller
  • A direct salesperson who engages in fraudulent activities or sales, as well as any other type of fraud, coercion, harassment, or other unethical or illegal techniques.
  • Engage in, cause, or permit any conduct that is misleading or likely to mislead in any material particulars relating to its direct selling business or the direct seller's goods or services.
  • Deliberately mislead customers about items or services.
  • Use or cause or permit the use of any deceptive, coercive, unconscionable, or criminal means or harass others in order to promote his direct selling company or the sale of his goods or services.
  • Refuse to accept counterfeit goods or substandard services and refund the money paid for the goods and services offered.Charge any entry or subscription fees.
  • A breach of the code of conduct, When the direct seller fails to comply with all applicable legislation, including the payment of taxes and deductions thereunder.
  • A person who has been convicted or declared bankrupt in the five years before to becoming involved with the direct selling industry, or a person of unsound mind. When the terms of an offer are unclear, the consumer is unable to understand the nature of the offer and the commitment required in placing an order.
  • Engage in any dishonest, deceptive, or unfair business activities. visit a consumer's premises without identity card and prior appointment or approval, provide any literature to a prospect, which has not been approved by the Company, Require any prospect to purchase any literature or sale demonstration equipment, Made any claim in pursuance of a sale, that is not consistent with claims authorized by the Company.
Result of de-listing

Once direct seller get de listed, he will no longer continue with company in direct selling business.

Company remove his name from list of director seller maintained by company.

Name of de listed direct seller shall be entered in the list of de listed direct seller.

Updated list of de listed direct seller will published on company website.

Step to de-list a direct seller

If a direct seller violates any provision of the Direct Selling Act or fails to perform his duties, the company will issue a notice to that direct seller. After receiving such notice, the direct seller must appear before the company and submit the necessary information.

After reviewing all relevant information and offering an opportunity to be heard, the company decides whether to delist that direct seller or to continue working with him in other counties.

If a direct seller fails to appear before the company within the specified time limit and also fails to produce any documentation in support of the notification, the company may suspend the direct seller's licence.

If it is proven that a direct seller has committed any of the above-mentioned offences, the company will remove them from the list.

Modifications to this Policy

Company reserves the right to change this policy Notice at any time. If we change this policy Notice we will update the effective date and such changes will be effective upon posting. We encourage you to review the policy regularly.