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The Company Discount Mart Private Limited (Herein after referred to as “The Company”) selling its products through the Direct Sellers by offering standard products to the ultimate consumers. Through following the companies’ policies, customer can get easily exchange of their product on such terms as prescribed by company under this policy.


Customers can request an exchange for their order within 30 days of the delivery date they prefer.

Procedure for exchanging information

Customers can generally go to exchange their purchases in one of two situations:

If a product is already defective and appears in outside packing when an order is received, it must be returned using the instructions below.

If a product has a flaw in the interior packing that is not evident on the exterior packaging, the following actions must be taken to return it:-

1. If it appears to the customer at the time of delivery that the goods is not in good condition or is damaged, we advise you not to accept the order.
2. Then you go to the company's website and apply for an exchange of that product, as well as register a complaint on the company's email id, and the firm will take suitable action.
3. After we receive that product, we provide a new product in place of that defected product.

1. If you get defected product than go to company website where order placed by you, apply for product exchange, and generate complaint against this on company email id.
2. Complaint will be made on the same day and provide defective images of that product along with that complaint.
3. Company will take appropriate action that complaint within 2 days from the date of receipt and send a fresh product in place of that defected product.


1. Products that have a "non-Exchangeable" label on them.
2. If the exchange request is filed more than 30 days following the delivery date.
3. If the exchange request is filed more than 30 days following the delivery date.
4. Replacements are only accepted for unused products and only in the event of defects, damages caused during delivery, or receipt of the incorrect products.
5. Only unused products are eligible for replacement.
6. Please double-check that the product is in its original packaging and that the tags are still intact.


If a product is already defective, appears in outside packaging, or is damaged inside packaging after Order Delivery, the customer may request a refund instead of an exchange.

In the aforesaid scenario, the client should send an email to this address, and the company can conduct a refund after receiving the request and acknowledging the product at the company warehouse within 7 days.

Modificationto this Policy

At any time, the company retains the right to modify this policy Notice. If we make any modifications to this policy Notice, we will update the effective date, and the changes will take effect immediately after they are posted. We recommend that you evaluate the policy on a frequent basis.