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This policy will apply to all reviews and comments received by Discount Mart Private Limited (hereafter referred to as Company) on the Company's products.Customers who leave testimonials after using a product offered by the company are typically the ones who do so.All of the customer reviews that the company has received are based on their personal experiences with the product. The coverage of the policy will cover upon all the products against which order has been received from the customers either through the website of the Company or through the direct seller/company branches.


This policy has been subjected to the testimonials provided by the Company in respect to the products offered. This policy will aid in substantiating the claims made by customers in reaction to the merchandise they got. The testimonials will be published on the website of the Company and it will assist in receiving the response from the customers with regard to the product. After reading out the testimonials, the customer can make an informed decision with respect to the product placement by rolling over the website of the Company.

In regard to the testimonials received, company shall provide individual rating in regard to the product which will help in selection of the product in the better way.


Customers can provide the testimonials through the website of the company https://www.discountmart.in/. The testimonials can also be provided to the company direct seller or through any other branches from where the product can be bought.

Testimonial Acceptance

After receiving the testimonials, company will find the accuracy with regard to the testimonials. The company will find out the accuracy with regard to the testimonials received by the Company through the website or any other mode. The company will find out that the testimonial is really based on the experience of customers using the product. If these testimonials are actually based on customers experience and are fair and genuine, then it will be allowed to post these on company website subject to other terms and conditions.

  • Firstly, the company will receive the testimonials through the various modes allowed by the Company to the customers.
  • Then the company will go through all the testimonials and check the reviews associated with the product was in accordance with the product or not.
  • If there is some lack of confusion with regard to the testimonials received, then company need to contact the customer and asked the customer to complete the desired information.
  • After considering all the required information, company will decide either to allow the post of the testimonials on the website of the Company or to restrain it.
  • Consent of the customer

    The customer's approval has been obtained for the purpose of gathering product testimonials. The company must ensure that any testimonials obtained by customers are devoid of coercion and undue influence, and are based on personal experience with the product.

    Testimonials Aren't Allowed

    1. Customers with a financial stake in the product are not permitted to write reviews about it.
    2. Testimonials received from people who have a close relationship with the company's executives are not permitted to be posted on the company's website.
    3. If the Company receives multiple unfavourable reviews from the same consumer in response to the same product, it reserves the right to reject the review.

    A. Any review submitted in exchange for a monetary reward will be removed from the Company's website.

    B. Those reviews placed on behalf of an unlawful product will not be considered by the company.

    C. The testimony that contains certain adult content will not be approved by the Company. Furthermore, the adult content must not be posted in connection with any of the Company's products.

    The advantages that will support health-related claims will not be approved by the company.

    Any comments, messages, emails, reviews, ratings, billboard postings, photos, drawings, profiles, opinions, ideas, images, videos, audio files, or other materials or information uploaded or communicated to the Platform are the sole responsibility of those who created them (collectively, "Content"). You grant us worldwide, perpetual, and transferable rights to such Content, which will become Our property.

    Modification to this Policy

    At any time, the company retains the right to modify this policy Notice. If we make any modifications to this policy Notice, we will update the effective date, and the changes will take effect immediately after they are posted. We recommend that you evaluate the policy on a frequent basis.